Business Professionals:

"With the systems that Maxine has helped me put in place, I've never felt so in control in my entire work life."

Ingrid Joy Wolfson
Executive Coach

"I was particularly impressed with Maxine's understanding of my resistance to traditional organizational systems, and how she worked with great sensitivity (and in partnership with me) to design new approaches that fit my personal style of working. It's a joy to walk into the office each day."

Burt Woolf


"Max is incredibly clear. She keeps me focused and helps me make wise decisions about how to organize my life and what I need and don't need. She's super!"

Chandelle Hesselgrave
Vision Educator

People who hired OFU to help them relocate:

Moving is never an easy thing to do and doing it in the midst of a divorce is even harder. Max was such a life-saver for me in managing the whole process. I travel a lot for business and my schedule kept changing but Max was great in keeping the whole move organized and on-time. From organizing the movers to making sure that my home office was up and ready when I came back from a business trip, Max made sure that all the bases were covered. Amidst all the chaos I can't tell you how great it felt to know that Max was organizing things and that I could rely on her to get things done... it was a real morale booster. Max made the move as seamless as these things can go. I can't say enough about what a valuable resource she was for me.

Timothy Henry
Management Consultant

With Max's help, I was able to transform my cluttered house into a beautiful home. Room by room, Max sorts, packs, and organizes, working her transformative magic. Chaos disappears, and clarity and balance emerge. Max is not only an organizer; she's also an artist, and she uses her design skill to reveal the beauty in every space she touches. Max rearranged my jumble of house plants into a lovely array. She suggested a new color for a bed spread, which balanced all the other colors in the room and greatly enhanced its appearance. When I put my house on the market, almost everyone who saw it told me how wonderful it was to see such a beautiful home. I sold the house myself, without an agent, and received two offers in the first two days. No one would ever imagine what the house looked like before Max!

Susan Halevi-Verran

"We've worked with Max before, so I took one look at our realtor's list of suggestions for getting our house on the market and called Max immediately! She took care of everything from helping us choose new carpet, to finding painters and landscapers, to tackling our impossibly cluttered garage. She even talked us into painting the foyer when we thought it didn't need it - and she was right, it made a huge difference. Max rocks!"

Tom Cobb
Software engineer

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